UPDATE: This sale has been extended until January 2nd! 

For the second Christmas in a row, we are offering a sort of insane discount, meant to give people who have been considering picking up a new skill or starting a new chapter in their lives for the new year a chance to do so without breaking the bank. This year we are calling it the $12 Days of Christmas (I sure hope we are not breaking some trademark law with this…)

So from now until Christmas January 2nd, we offer you our best discounts of the year. There are five ways for you to start 2017 fresh:

Grow your email subscribers


If you have a blog, your most important asset are the people who want to see more from you. Serve those people better, build them something helpful. The course is normally $129, but is more than 90% off from now until Christmas.

Learn to draw


We recently lowered our Learn To Draw And Keep A Sketchbook course to $29, an awesome price for more than 30 lessons to help you re-learn how to view the world around you and put it down on paper, but now, the course is more than 50% off. People who sign up now will start with daily lessons on January 1st.

Finally start putting your book together


Maybe you finished Nanowrimo strong and think there is something worth putting together properly, or maybe you have an idea you have been sitting on for years, unsure of where to begin. This 30 lesson course (normally ($129) will get you a polished outline that will get you ready to do the fun part – the writing. With feedback from Christine Gilbert, author of Mother Tongue, this is a crazy course to miss at more than 90% off. 

Create products from anywhere and sell them to anyone in the world.


For anyone who wants to make design physical products without renting space for inventory or fulfilling orders themselves, this course will tell you which services are the best for your particular style, how to promote your work and different methods for setting up shops so your readers can buy your work. This course is aimed at creative travelers who want to make awesome stuff but aren’t interested in running a brick-and-mortar retail location.

Improve your photos by leaps and bounds the fastest way possible


If you want to get serious about photography in the coming year, you need to be processing your photos with Lightroom, and we have spent over five years putting together a bundle of over 500 presets (one-click processing with dramatic results) that will help you bring out the most in your photos right away.


So take the plunge! We are thrilled to be able to offer it to you, and as we don’t do a lot of chest-puffing here at We Create, but I can say with 100% certainty that any of these products is worth way, way more than the cost of a latte and a breakfast sandwich at Starbucks (seriously, this deal is crazy good).