Listen, I get it. You know you should be writing more guest posts or pitching more articles or writing more queries, but it seems like at the end of the day you just don’t have time. It’s super easy to focus on other things instead like social media or things that pay the bill right now, instead of growing your writing career.

The reality is that the best writers are mercenaries. They make it happen. They ruthlessly cut out time for their writing. They make that investment in themselves and while it can take months for those seeds to grow, it’s planting now that reaps the creative opportunities you want next year.

This month, come join me, as I battle my own writing deadlines, during this month’s 30 Day Challenge to focus on our writing.

1. Join the We Create Facebook Group

2. Introduce yourself and declare your goal for this month on this thread!

3. Everyday for the next month there will be a daily accountability thread.

You set the goals. For me, I’m aiming to write two articles a day (one will be a blog post) for 30 days. Will I get there? I really hope so! And I know that having a community and support will make a huge difference in realizing those ambitious goals.