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This week I feel like the spin class instructor who has been yelling at her class, “go, go, go!” only to be like, “okay now bring it down, slow it down, low and slow…”

We’re changing gears.

You can’t stay in high promotion mode forever and not get burned out. In fact this class is so intense that most people have a hard time keeping up.

We’re just complete two big things. 1) your first list builder and 2) launching your first community event. That’s a huge accomplishment and no matter how well it went for you – it’s going to do even better next time. You’re learning about how to launch and push your audience into taking an action but you’re also learning what pieces don’t work for you. Next time you’ll be more efficient. The time after that you’ll be faster. This is the process.

Hi, how are you? You are a real blogger now.

You’re no longer just pushing free content into the world, you’re taking control of your destiny.

Return to your normal posting schedule

You don’t want to beat the drum forever because your audience gets fatigued too. So chill. But behind the scenes, this is your time to rest and reflect. Plot and plan. To think of what comes next.

In a few weeks you’re going to build a product.

And launch it.
We’re going to talk about choosing a product, the format, the pricing, the niche and the target audience in the coming lessons, but for right now you have two things I’d like you to do:


Decide if you feel comfortable continuing on in the course or if you want to start over in week 1. You’d basically do the same things all over again, just a launching another community event in six weeks (if you got that far this time around). I’m offering this option because about 3 out of 4 of you have drifted away. I’m not surprised but in a lot of ways ramping up your blog is like quitting smoking… most people don’t succeed on the first try. I started and crashed several blogs before starting Almost Fearless. I ran a half-marathon and documented the entire thing for an audience of about 12 people. I wrote about evil ex-boyfriends and college life, but ended up just deleting the whole thing (and then meeting my husband, yay!). The point is that it’s not a straight line to your success and sometimes when people take my classes they realize: OH I SEE, I have to decide what I’m going to blog about. Or I have to decide if this is really the right direction.

If that’s you, then don’t worry. We built a “quick get me back to week one” button into the course. You can hit it as many times as you want.



If you’re still here, yay! Hi. I know you’d make it. This week is a breather week but I have one task for you above and beyond your normal blog posts and social media.

Set up Rich Pins in Pinterest

I’ve heard reports that it can as much as double your engagement and traffic back to your site. It’s basically the meta data associated with pins from your website… you’re telling Pinterest how to link your blog content in a way that’s more user-friendly. It’s straight forward to set up:

-Install the free Yoast SEO plugin.

-After you activate it, go to Features, then Advanced Settings and make sure meta data is enabled.

-Next, you have to apply! I know! It’s the rules though. Go the Pinterest Rich Pin Validator and enter the URL to any post on your site. Click Validate.

-After your link has been validated it will say “Apply Now”. Click that. A pop-up will come up with your website name… click “Apply Now” again. That’s it! You’re done.


1 Add your last week’s NEW subscribers (not total) to the spreadsheet

Each week we’re going to record our progress. This will not only give you a way to track your week-to-week changes, it’ll also give you an idea of how the rest of the class is doing.

The spreadsheet is here.

2 Publish at least two posts to your blog

Since this is down time, you can start ramping up higher levels of content as you prepare for the next promotional push.

3 Install Rich Pins

Watch your numbers and push, push, push. We have been training for this. Everything is set up. This is your time to move that BOULDER UP OVER THE MOUNTAIN. GO. GO. GO.

4 Keep your Pinterest Pinning going

5 Breathe

Next week we start building your first product. Cheers!

Mark Your Progress

1Add your last week’s NEW subscribers (not total) to the spreadsheet
2Publish at least two posts to your blog
3Install Rich Pins
4Keep your Pinterest Pinning going

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