When you need a sounding board with someone who has been where you are headed
1 Hour of Personal Mentorship 

I have done just about everything at this point, and believe that anything can be done with a good plan and some guidance.

My name is Christine Gilbert, and I have been creating meaningful work for myself since 2008, and supporting my family with my creative efforts since 2010.

My blog is AlmostFearless.com, where I wrote about my travels around the world (and as time went on, my growing family). During that time, the popularity of my blog allowed me to not only make a living, but I also got a book deal with Penguin/Randomhouse for my book MOTHER TONGUE (2016), and also to crowdfund the purchase of video equipment that allowed us to make a documentary about location-independant people. We then crowdfunded the tour of the film across seven US locations. In 2014 we were named one of National Geographic Traveler's "Traveler's Of The Year".

In 2017 I am transitioning AlmostFearless.com into a quarterly print magazine that will launch this September. Yes, I am going from digital to print.

In my previous life I was a project manger for General Electric, so while I identify myself as a creative, I approaches projects with equal parts creativity and strategy—breaking down complex ideas into small, actionable steps. I draw on this ability in my teaching here on We Create, believing that anyone can carve out a creative career with the right road map.